domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

"Tarde Vos amei,
ó Beleza tão antiga e tão nova,
tarde Vos amei!
Eis que habitáveis dentro de mim,
e eu, lá fora, a procurar-Vos!
Disforme, lançava-me sobre estas formosuras que criastes.
Estáveis comigo e eu não estava Convosco!
Retinha-me longe de Vós
aquilo que não existiria,
se não existisse em Vós.
Porém, chamastes-me,
com uma voz tão forte,
que rompestes a minha Surdez!
Brilhastes, cintilastes,
e logo afugentastes a minha cegueira!
Exalastes Perfume:
respirei-o, a plenos pulmões, suspirando por Vós.
e, agora, tenho fome e sede de Vós.
e ardi, no desejo da Vossa Paz''

Santo Agostinho

segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

Finally free

I know I never was much for talking
Around people saying
Your foolish thoughts
While sharing what happened
In their last weekend

Life could get more interesting
And it actually gets
When you have music to hear
Someone to love
And friends to laugh

Finally free I can see
The only way to get things straight
Is letting apathy behind
And remember the ways only you got
To remain everything ok

Trust in your prior knowledge
When you can’t explain from where
The answer you needed came
To your mind as an alibi
You might never find out
You might never know

You might just let it go
As the wind touch the ideas flow
Blowing through a glow
You've got to have it to yourself
As you need someone’s help
Count first with yourself

Comfortably happy

If money was all we need
Would it be easier to live
Without a trace?
Or just even harder to get paid?

Life never had to have a sense
For you and everyone
Pretend to finally get
Comfortably happy

And so pathetic
People keep on just leaving
Believing that after living
Heaven will welcome them
And hell punish the others

Haven’t done the good daily deeds
Or haven’t prayed the right way
In the right church
Cut my lips if I’m lying
Kiss them if you agree

Go get your answers
‘Cause I keep trying since I remember
To find mines
But as much as time pass
Much I get sure of
There is none.